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My name is Josie Fuschini and I am the proud owner of Josie Fuschini Haute Cosmétiques.

Being of Italian heritage image was always an important factor this is why I have incorporated my upbringing to my product. 

I believe a person should always feel great and confidant in their own skin. After many years of following the cosmetic industry and obtaining my degree in makeup as well as competing in 2 beauty pageants (Miss Universe Canada 2001 & Miss international 2002) In 2019  I took the decision to launch my cosmetic company and to enter the beauty world. It has always been my passion and desire to create, help and influence others. 


We are proud to say since 2019 we have participated in numerous events and have also given back to the community. In the beginning of 2020 before Covid hit we participated in Miss Canada & Miss Teen Canada 2020 Pageant and offered the winners our products. In 2021 we participated and did a collaboration to raise funds for Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada. In 2022 we also participated with Friends 4 Cause and donated products raising funds for the Galileo Autism School & The Lighthouse Children's Palliative Care. In 2023 we were honoured with the Award Most Supporting Vendor by Montreal Vendors annual event. It is not always about makeup but to give back as well to your community.

My products will inspire people to feel beautiful, elegant and confidant each day no matter the situation they encounter. With positivity and a little colour it is for sure you will start off on a good foot.


Love Yourself And Be Haute!

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